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1.16 Nakamura Kansuke Tadatoki, (kabuki name)
True name: Nakamura Kansuke Masatoki, dodging bundles of fire wood.
Age: ?
Katana mei: Nagakuni, length 2 shaku 4 sun
Wakizashi mei: mumei, length unknown
Naga yari (long yari)
Kansuke Tadatoki was a hereditary retainer of Akao, thrifty but warm hearted. He was an expert in martial arts but free of conceit. When his lord’s house was confiscated and he and his family departed from Banshu, his oldest son, Kanjiro, was 5 years old, and his second son, Chusaburo, was 2.

In Kyoto, he and Oboshi, not under house arrest, used their time planning vengeance. Tadakoni then used money he had laid aside to send his wife and children to her parent’s home to be cared for and educated.

He met with his former comrades in Azuma (Edo) ostensibly to visit their master’s grave and to see the sights, and without much ado settled in Honjo, where he became a member of the school of Shinshi and Kikaku and wrote under the pseudonym Hyoshu.

He saw much of Otaka Shiyo, Senzaki Chikuhei, and Tomomori Shunpo at Kikaku’s Sentoku villa. Tyhere they indulged in artistic pursuits and at the same time acquainted themselves with the enemy’s quarters.

In the night break in, Tadatoki performed brilliantly and powerfully and used his daytime research well in helping to make their plan of avenging their masters death a success.

When they had achieved what they came for and left the main gate in a group, they took a guard with them. The guard carried a lantern, which Tadatoki told him to extinguish. ‘What’s wrong with the lantern?’ the man muttered. Tadakoni heard him and flew into a rage and said, ‘You rotten low life’ levelled his spear and, with a shout, ran the man through. Then he walked away laughing.

That is one of the stories that was told later.
1.16 Nakamura Kansuke Tadatoki