The antique japanese swords (nihonto) on this site are for sale or for gallery purposes. The catalogue of swords that are for sale will be clearly marked with a price. The swords that are not for sale but for gallery purposes only will be clearly marked as Gallery only. I am not a dealer in swords but a student on a long journey of study, conservation and appreciation. I am lucky enough to own some nice blades, (more photos to come) and as I learn will pass some on at pretty much the same price they were offered to me. I'm also hoping to practice my photography by putting up some blades on consignment in the near future.
Featured Blade - Juyo Yamato Taima
Katana C 1288
Photo courtesy of Darcy Brockbank
Click here for more pics
The woodblock prints I own are primarily by Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797 - 1861). Inside is a bit of background on this master print artist. My favorite series is "Seichu gishi den" The faithful samurai, a story of the 47 ronin. Probably one of Kuniyoshi's most famous series (51 single prints in all). You will see these prints represented in many Nihonto books. As a matter of intertest (for myself) I have included a story on the history of the 47 Ronin, translations of the kaisho calligraphy found on the prints that I own, and the  swords that they carried. My new area of research is the story of the Soga brothers revenge, and the associated kuniyoshi prints. I am selling some fine Japanese prints from my collection, including prints from the series "69 post stations of the Kisokaido Rd", "100 heros of high renown"  and "47 Ronin".
I have 1 suit of armour currently. My first purchase was a meji period representative piece, but I traded that for other things, now I have a suit from mid to late 1500's (dou & hachi) with matched remainder early/mid Edo. I've added an authentic heraldry flag from 1850's, and a traditionally made gendaito, which makes it all look spectacular in the lounge room!
Study and research, study and research! These are the books I use, occasionally, they will come up for sale. I have provided pictures (click on the pics for larger view) and a fairly detailed description of each. I have also used a "drool metre" as some of these books are simply stunning in their visual content, and well, maybe as close as some of us will get to owning some of these pieces: so for those who want some good drool material it may help point you in the right direction.
I have only recently started collecting fittings, Tsuba and Kozuka. I tend to lean towards the later Edo period soft metal, where I can appreciate the detail and workmanship in these. The pictures never seem to do justice, particularly with the Kozuka, though I have some pics up there now that I'm happy with.
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